Steering Wheel FAQs

Wheel Diameter:

Only on a one-off, custom basis and in most cases it will double or triple the cost of the wheel.

Mounting Pattern:

Mounting Pattern

With the exception of the factory mount C1 Corvette, our wheels all use the standard three bolt mounting pattern.  You can check in the Wheel Builder program to determine if you will require an adapter.

If you cannot find an adapter for your column we would be glad to evaluate making a special mounting pattern for you.

Spoke Patterns:

If you provide us with an accurate drawing of what you want we will be glad to evaluate it and provide you with feedback.


Yes – with limitations as our spoke covers and trim pieces are offset specific.



Yes, just show the sections as you want them on the Wheel Builder program.

We would need to know your goal before we could answer that question.

Spoke Covers:

Spoke Covers

Yes – but we need to know what you want before we can give a firm answer.

Our spoke covers are laminated to the wheel frame but if you can accommodate securing them, it’s a yes on this question.

Trim Pieces:

Yes.  Tell us what you want and we’ll give you a proposal to consider.

Horn Buttons:

Horn Buttons

Yes…but…we need to see what you want to do before we commit to a solid yes.

Yes.  They are easy to swap.

Yes, but only with a lot of one-time design work.

Trim Rings:


We will look at, evaluate and respond to any request you might have for a custom wheel.


Here is an article from Classic Trucks that details our steering wheel construction process.


We typically build and ship all our standard series wheels within 10 working days. Wheels with custom paint or wood grips typically take between 15 & 20 working days. Adding leather to any wheel will generally increase the overall build time by 15 more working days.