Series One Wood Grip Steering Wheels

Wood Grip Steering Wheels

These new, solid wood grips were just released from the Old Skool Zone at CON2R and there is no question they elevate our “Custom(er) Designed” steering wheels to yet another level.  Guaranteed to radically change the character of any vehicle’s interior, the grips are created from 18 segments of select, solid hardwoods.  Unique to this design is how the grips can be created from a single species or with various arrangements of mixed species.  Walnut and maple are the current standards, but any species can be provided upon request.  To complete the look, wood spoke covers and horn buttons—with laser engraving if you wish—are available.


Digital Design & Manufacture

Our parts are designed using a CAD/CAM program and then cut on a 3-axis CNC wood router.  This gives us the ability to design and produce the finest of custom hardwood grips in a seamless operation.  We have a great appreciation for hand work, but there is no better way to duplicate the precision of the parts we create in this manner.
CNC Cutting
Bench Built Wood Steering Wheel Grips

Bench Built

Once the 18 solid wood segments that make up a complete grip have been machined, each batch is matched individually to ensure the best color and grain uniformity between pieces as possible.  After the segments for the front and back grips are laminated, they are sculpted to shape, and hand sanded to a silky-smooth finish.  The two halves that create the grip are then “brick stacked” to provide maximum strength and long-term dependability before final glue-up around a chrome-plated steel frame and a final sanding.

Hand Finished

After final sanding, the assembled grip is hand-brushed with a conditioner that seals and highlights the wood grain.  A polycarbonate urethane clear coat, which provides the ultimate in protection for the wood, is applied as the final step in finishing the grips.

CNC CuttingHand Finished Wood Steering Wheel Grips
Exotic Wood Grip Steering Wheel

Exotic Woods On Request

We have access to an extremely wide range of wood species and can provide any of them upon request.  Or, if you wish, you can provide the wood—with the caveat that we can’t improve on the quality of wood you send to us and we may be required to charge extra for cutting and/or surfacing if it does not arrive ready for “transformation.”  If you are interested in this option, please note a single piece measuring 80” x 5” and at a minimum 7/8” thick will provide grips, spoke covers and a horn button.  If you want to supply the same amount of wood but in multiple pieces, please contact us to confirm the sizes we will need.

These beautiful wood grips are available on any CON2R steering wheel with an option price of $245.00.