Series One Wood Grips

Our wood grips are CNC cut from solid, real wood before being bench built and hand finished.  Currently available in Maple or Walnut, although any species of wood can be provided for your wheel.

  • The front grips are made up of nine precision cut, solid wood segments of mixed or matched species
  • The rear grips are made in the same manner but use only one species of wood
  • The two halves are “brick stacked” and then laminated together to complete the grips
  • Wood conditioner is used to seal and highlight the grain and a urethane clear coat provides additional protection
  • Wood grips are available on all our steering wheel styles and spoke patterns
  • Wood grips, with matching or mixed species, are a $245 upgrade and wood spoke covers are a $50 upgrade
  • A wood insert for the horn button is a $90 upgrade.  The insert can be laser engraved for an additional $95
Custom Wood Species Requirements
Custom Wood Species Requirements