Torqued Wrench Shift Knob

Torqued Wrench Shift Knob

CON2R has announced their one-of-a-kind Torqued Wrench Shift Knob is now available for rodders who truly appreciate a wrench well done.

After being wrapped as a computerized 3D model, this “helixed” combo’ wrench was combined with an internal bolt that was hardened into reality by investment casting, chrome plating and hand polishing its beryllium copper base material.

Taking the concept from nuts to reality is the hex nut that holds the closed end of the wrench at the bottom of the knob in permanent opposition to the open end above.

With an OD of approximately 2 1/8”, this newest addition to the CON2R line of custom products has a standard 3/8” X 16 mount and is guaranteed to add a welcome twist to the way you shift.

The Torqued Wrench Shifter is priced at $119.95 and can be viewed online at

CON2R is a custom manufacturer of unique hot rod and street rod accessories.