Geared Shift Knob


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All About Our Geared Shift Knob

Count them if you wish – or trust us when we say there are 490 teeth on the thirty-one precision machined, rotating brass gears on this incredible gearshift knob has just been unveiled by CON2R in Beaverton, OR .

When the gears are stationary, looking at this mechanical piece of art is intriguing – but when they are turning in unison, it is nothing short of mesmerizing.

At the core is an irregular icosidodecahedron hub that precisely positions each gear for attachment with a miniature bushing and socket head bolt.

The only conventional features we see about them are the 2″ OD and 3/8″ X 16 mounting threads.  Even the polished brass finish will allow each one to develop a unique patina over time.

To make it easy to get the gears turning, a custom spanner wrench and a removable drive gear are included with each knob.

Only 100 of these gearshift knobs, as was true with the others we have created, will be produced.  Each one will come with a certificate attesting to this fact.