1955-’59 Chevrolet Truck Instrument Set

Base Price: $995.00 + shipping (sending units must be purchased separately)

Instruments only, bezel not included.

Please provide the following information to complete your gauge order:

    Select a speedometer sending unit if you need one.

    How many cylinders does your engine have?

    Engine Style*

    If your tach signal is less than 5 volts it will require a pull up resistor to read properly.



  • Our exclusive “value based” QuickSet calibration system which utilizes your PC and a thumb drive to control settings.  No more dip switches, no guessing, no frustration.
  • Needles driven by electronic stepper motors controlled by our proprietary PCB.  No air pot or plastic pot motors, no fiddling or extra components required to adjust functions.
  • Full coverage panel lighting with our unique LED “halo” system.  Fully adjustable, no more struggling to read your needles.
  • Your choice of 120, 140 or 160 speedometer markings.
  • 8,000 RPM tachometer designed to look like it has been there since your car came out of the factory.
  • Unique left and right LED turn signals with 3 additional function indicator lights.
  • Mount directly in your original housing.