1947-’54 Custom Chevrolet/GMC Truck Instrument Set

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They may look vintage but the electronic stepper motor drives, PCB controller and LED halo lighting reveal these instruments to be all new. The balanced three and three arrangement, textures, windows and raised lettering make this “Old Skool” design look OEM.  The stamped chrome bezels are designed for easy bolt-in mounting and are guaranteed to upgrade the look and function of your truck.

The gauges pictured here are as-built and it is the unit you will be purchasing.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about this or any other instrumentation we manufacture.

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SKU: 51331-G9-1
  • Exclusive CON2R QuickSet calibration system
  • Electronic stepper motor drives & proprietary PCB controller
  • Six function instrument display with unique LED “halo” lighting
  • 120 Mph speedometer, 8K rpm tachometer, and all four standard auxiliary gauges
  • Unique left and right LED turn signals with additional blue hi beam and red option indicators
  • Dual factory 5 1/4” mounting bezels with bolt-in mounting system
  • Custom black lettering, red needles, and white background with tan center
  • Direct Replacement for 1947-54 Chevy / GMC Trucks