Soft Touch CON2R Steering Wheels

It’s soft and it’s tough.  It’s great to hold and it’s easy on the eyes.  No, it’s not Superwoman; it’s the latest addition to the CON2R options list that allows you to get “Your Wheel Your Way.”

Series One Soft Touch UpgradeDeveloped during the search for a suede finish for their wheels, this new and greatly improved material from CON2R provides a unique, soft feel along with a low-sheen look that is an ideal match for a deluxe interior.  This urethane coating is also highly scratch- and mar-resistant and virtually unaffected by ring dings and dirty hands holding it tightly.

This new look is available on all of their standard solid color ABS wheels as well as any custom paint upgrade.  With a “Soft Touch Finish” on your wheel from CON2R, you’ll have a comfortable feel and a classy look that won’t require replacement or rebuilding after miles and miles of cruising with the radio on.