Skull Shift Knob

In addition to being anatomically correct with individual teeth and properly shaped eye sockets, our skull shift knob has a jaw that is fully articulated and able to be positioned anywhere from “shut up” closed to a full open scream.

Starting life as 3D model, it has been brought to life as an investment casting, chrome plated and hand polished in the same manner as a bronze sculpture.

  • Realistic skull, jaw, and vertebrae
  • Poseable jaw
  • Approximately 3" tall, 2.6" deep, & 1.9" wide 
  • Standard 3/8 X 16 threaded mount
  • Choice of Mercury or Track Helmet included

Limited Edition

Only 100 complete Skull Shift Knobs will be produced in this one time production run.  Retail Price $429.90 + S&H