Any Vehicle, Any Suspension, Any Ride Height

If you want a frame that is built to match your exact design requirements, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a replacement that follows the contours of the original or a completely unique design that will fit only your one-off custom build, we can create it for you. Unlike conventional tube steel construction, our patented “Boxed I-Beam ©” construction system creates the frame profile and width you need to match your vehicle design, suspension type and ride height. If you need to modify someone else’s frame to get it right, you need to contact us and find out how to avoid that hassle.

Custom 1972 Toyota Corona Frame

When completed, the chassis will utilize Mustang II style IFS and a straight axle in the back positioned with a triangulated four bar set up. Powered by a 300hp Lexus 1UZFE 4.0L 32 valve V8 engine and sitting about 2″ below stock. The all-aluminum engine weighs 430lbs, adding only about 75lbs over the stock 4 cylinder yet almost tripling the power! The owner says he doubts anyone will pay attention to the car until they see nothing but his taillights.

CON2R Custom Corona Frame