Custom Emblems

Our capability to create custom brightwork that is exclusive to you and your vehicle is unmatched and ultimately limitless. Whether it’s a factory-phantom set or a new custom design, our all metal emblems are of true OEM quality. We invite you to take a look at some examples in our Customer Emblem Gallery or call us at 503.626.6390 to learn how we can create the perfect finishing touch for your ride.

To produce a pair of custom emblems in investment cast bronze from a pencil sketch to the finished product is typically in the $2000 range. If you can provide us with 2D or 3D drawings the price will be reduced as the time required to create the rapid prototyped pattern is greatly reduced.


  • Step: 1

The process of creating custom brightwork begins with creating hand sketches based on your preliminary concept input.

  • Step: 2

From these sketches, a final 2 dimensional concept drawing will be produced. When approved, this drawing will be converted to a 3 dimensional model.

  • Step: 3

Using the 3D drawing as a guide, our rapid prototyping machine uses a laser to build an exact copy of your part from resin. After it is built, the part goes through a cleaning and polishing process.

  • Step: 4

At this time, parts that are to be cast in metal are molded and a wax pattern is made for investment casting.

  • Step: 5

There are a number of finishes available for both resin and bronze metal parts. Resin pieces can be chrome plated, painted or "metalized." Brass, bronze, aluminum, steel and copper are some of the choices available. Castings can be polished to a bright sheen, chrome plated or treated to create a variety of finish colors.

Want to see more? Check out our Customer Emblem Gallery

CON2R Custom Emblem OSU
CON2R Custom Emblem OSU Sketch
CON2R Custom Emblem OSU Rendering
CON2R Custom Emblem OSU Complete