Custom Instruments

As is the case with everything we do at CON2R, we combine our creative and technical capabilities to develop custom instrumentation - complete from the working components to the one-off raised lettering and dimensional faces to the domed glass and backlighting - that fits your ride both aesthetically and functionally. 

Custom Emblems

Our capability to create custom brightwork that is exclusive to you and your vehicle is unmatched and ultimately limitless. Whether it’s a factory-phantom set or a new custom design, our all metal emblems are of true OEM quality.

Custom Frames

If you want a frame that is built to match your exact design requirements, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a replacement that follows the contours of the original or a completely unique design that will fit only your one-off custom build, we can create it for you.

Custom Merchandise

Our “Old Skool Zone” is always looking for interesting and new ways to put a modern twist on vintage designs in everything we do.  Not only do our products display this but so does our marketing and customer service as well.  Feel free to take a look at the unique one of a kind merchandise we have made.