New Quick-Set Instrument Calibration System

- The New Gold Standard For Accuracy and Ease of Use -

Simply stated, there is no faster, easier or more accurate way to calibrate a set of new instruments than with the revolutionary “Quick-Set” system now available from CON2R.  At its heart is a programmed thumb drive that carries the information required to get perfect calibration between your instruments and your power train.

With Quick-Set, you first enter the known values from your drive train on your computer with the CON2R provided thumb drive in place. You then move the thumb drive to the PCB that drives your CON2R instrument set. The next step, which is required only if you find there is a need to adjust an instrument reading, is to simply remove the thumb drive, put it back in your computer and adjust the values as required to be perfectly calibrated.Forget the switches, cords, external components and the multiple guesses as to what might work to get a correct reading that are required by other systems. Even if you change your tire size, transmission type and rear end ratio all at the same time, re-calibrating means nothing more than entering the new values and putting the thumb drive back in the PCB.

The absolutely unique Quick-Set Instrument Calibration system is now standard with all instruments manufactured by CON2R.  There is no question this system creates a true gold standard for accuracy and ease of use.

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