CON2R Custom Ford PH100

Our 1964 Ford F100 began its working life on a ranch in Southern California.  Tired, but not worn out, we brought it to Portland, OR for an infusion of classic hot rod styling and updating.  After it’s unveiling at SEMA it will be set to carry on into the future as a classic daily driver that clearly honors its origins.

Modifications to this truck include giving it a mild chop and lowering it via suspension changes.  Virtually every piece of sheet metal on the truck has been subtlety restyled to complement and enhance the original design.  From the front bumper, grill and headlights to the rear bumperettes, hidden fuel filler and the frenched look of the taillights, every modification to this truck was made specifically to maintain a “it could have been factory” appearance.

Power is provided by Ford 302 with EFI and 4 speed automatic transmission with suspension duties handled by a Mustang II style IFS and a parallel four bar set up with air bags tied to the truck’s original 9” differential in back.  Adjustable coil-over’s, custom sway bars and manual disc brakes all around complete this truck’s performance enhancements.

The cab is fully lined with Dynamat and upholstered in a multi-color palette reminiscent of the day it rolled out the factory doors.  Custom finishing touches crafted by CON2R that are absolutely unique to this truck include the steering wheel, instrumentation and the climate control panel along with a full set of emblems with a wry OEM twist.

Other interior features include a hidden start system, a hidden but fully ergonomic stereo control, hidden storage compartments, a center pull emergency brake and an in the cab hood release.  The seat features a patented foam support system to ensure comfortable long distance cruising along with adjustable lumbar support and independent seat heaters.

We’re proud that our efforts gave this truck a new life that respects its origins, honors its working past and puts it on the road as an extremely comfortable and highly reliable cruiser.

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