Quick-Set Instrument Calibration System

Simply stated, there is no faster, easier or more accurate way to calibrate the functions in a new set of instruments than with the revolutionary “Quick-Set” system.  Available only with CON2R products.

At its heart is a programmed thumb drive that carries the information required to get perfect calibration between your vehicle and your speedometer.  You start by entering the known values that determine your speed reading onto a CON2R provided thumb drive in your computer.  Once the values are entered, you put the thumb drive into the PCB that drives your CON2R instrument set.  There are no external components to switch, change or adjust.

If you change a component in your drive train, or find the values you entered were not exactly correct and want to adjust the speed reading, simply put the CON2R thumb drive back in your computer and change the values.  It may be hard to believe, but it’s just that easy.

CON2R Quick-Set Instrument Calibration System
CON2R Quick-Set Instrument Calibration System

With the Quick-Set system, fuel level readings can be adjusted in the same manner.  Set the values for the sending unit on your computer, install the thumb drive and your fuel gauge will give you an exact match with the output of your fuel level sending unit.  If you find there is a discrepancy in the reading, there is no need to buy a black box to make an adjustment – it’s just a few strokes on your computer and you’re good to go.

Our Quick-Set system is also programmed to read both “clean” and “dirty” tachometer signals without the need for filtering.  Unique to our program is the ability to adjust the reading sensitivity to ensure the absolute accuracy of our stepper motors does not create distracting needle movement.

The absolutely unique Quick-Set Instrument Calibration system is now standard on all instruments manufactured by CON2R.  There is no question this is the new gold standard for accuracy and ease of use.