We apologize for this less than friendly welcome to our website but please note:

We have now been told by two major automobile manufacturers that by incorporating items such as emblems or artwork that you provide to us with their marks on them into our products we are in violation of their trademark rights.

We have also been told that by showing examples of the work we have done for our customers we are in some manner confusing you as to who we are, what our relationship is with those manufacturers and that we are in fact making you think you are buying a product they made or licensed.

This notice is to make it clear to our customers, and those manufacturers, we do not make emblems and we do not create artwork.

As noted in other places on this website we clearly state we use the products and artwork that you provide to us.

In addition, we do NOT show any of our products as being a "Ford steering wheel" or a "Chevrolet steering wheel" nor do we ask you to buy a Ford or Chevrolet steering wheel.

If you are confused as to what we do, please let us know and we will do what is necessary to make sure you understand we are not them and we are not selling their products or unauthorized rip-offs of their products.