TwinThree Instrument Sets

These made to order gauges may look vintage but the electronic stepper motor drives, PCB controller and LED halo lighting are all state-of-the-art.  The balanced three and three function arrangement, textures, windows and raised lettering give this "Old Skool Zone" design an authentic, vintage OEM look.  The polished and chromed die-cast bezels are designed for easy, clamp-in mounting in any flat dash panel.  By clicking on the link below, you can use our new and proprietary TwinThree Instrument Builder so you can design "Your Gauges Your Way" in real time.

Prices Starting At: $1095.00

Features Include:

  • Exclusive CON2R QuickSet Calibration System
  • Electronic Stepper Motor Drives
  • Six Function Display
  • Unique LED 'Halo" Lighting
  • Universal 6" Diameter Chrome Bezels
  • Requires 5½" Mounting Holes

Choices Include:

  • Speedometer Markings of 120, 140, or 160
  • 15 Standard Colors
  • Four Standard Typefaces
  • Three Standard Tick Mark Designs
  • Four Standard Needle Styles
  • Indicator Light Colors & Function ID
  • Customization As Requested

Design A Custom Set Of TwinThree Universal Instruments With Our Instrument Builder

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