About Our SuperStock Instrument Sets

Our SuperStock instrument sets trace their beginnings back to the set we created for our PH100 pickup after being told by a gauge making company, “We can’t make them the way you want them.”  The design standard we set for that set of instruments – which can be summarized as, “Make them look like they have always been there” – applies to every one we have built.

'61-'66 Ford F100 SuperStock Instruments - Close Up
'55-'56 Chevy SuperStock Instruments - Close Up

Underlying the tangible portion of what we make is our design philosophy and that’s where the visible separation between “us and them” becomes distinct and easy to see.  For example, we mold the rear faces of housings to capture the texture present in factory designs and replicate the layers and windows found in the originals.  When we add functions, such as tachometers, and replace idiot lights with gauges, it is always guided by the “make them look like they are supposed to be there” mantra.

The need to accommodate wide variations in sweep angles and directions lead to the creation of our QuickSet PCB with its gold standard calibration system.  We use true electronic stepper motors – not air pots or plastic pots – and offer a unique dual concentric version that allows the needles of two functions to pivot on a common shaft.

'57 Chevy SuperStock Instruments - Close Up

It is our hope that if the original instrument designers were to see our SuperStock versions of their instruments they would agree our sets are a logical extension of what they created.  If there had been a Super Sport version of the Tri-5’s our instruments would be a perfect fit in those cars.  In a similar vein, our F100 set would have been at home in a King Ranch Lariat version of the truck back in the 60’s.

Also included in our SuperStock product line are our custom designed sets that are new creations with a vintage factory look.  Our “Delco Deluxe” set is the first with a second design currently in the concept stage.