About Our RestoFit Services

When you want to preserve the look of your original instrument panel but want to update it with current technology, our RestoFit services will provide what you want.

If you want your view from behind the wheel to show the original patina, we’ll keep it intact.  If you want your gauges look factory new, we can do that too.  Or, if you want to mix it up with new colors and details, just let us know what you want and we’ll deliver Your Instruments, Your Way.

On the backside, everything will be converted to electronic stepper motors to drive the needles – and your odometer – with our proprietary QuickSet PCB providing the signal control.

RestoFit Instruments

The order process starts with providing us with pictures and a description of what you have and an explanation of what you want when your set is completed.  We typically work within your original panel openings but we’re ready to help if your vision requires making changes to them.

Once we have an agreed upon the end point for your instruments, we will provide you with a “not to exceed” quotation and an estimated time frame for completion. RestoFit costs, which of course are directly related to the amount of work we perform, range from less than $1,000 for electronic motor refits to more than $5,000 for major changes and modifications. Completion times also vary depending on the level of work to be performed but 4 to 6 weeks is typical.  This time frame can increase dramatically if outside component and service providers do not perform in a timely manner.

Send your photographs, sketches, comments and questions to instruments@con2r.com.

RestoFit Classics

Everything mentioned above about our RestoFits applies to our “Classics” with the difference being we have created a set of standard parts used to modify your housings to accept our stepper motors and LED lighting. As with a RestoFit, our Classic conversions require you send your instrument set to us for the work to be performed.

C1 Corvette RestoFit Description

Includes conversion of all six gauge functions and odometer to electronic stepper motor drives with QuickSet programmable controller, addition of LED lighting, restoration of gauge housings, faces and covers, black and white or white and black color combinations.  Custom colors and graphics are available.  Work will not begin until we have confirmed all required parts have been received in usable condition.  Standard cost $2195.00 + shipping.

Contact us at instruments@con2r.com for more information or to initiate an order.