About Our Full Custom-Built Gauges

The two big questions that need to be answered before we can start a discussion about creating a custom set of instruments for you are one, what is your starting point and two, what is your desired end point?

We can start with an existing panel, a hole in the dash, a concept sketch or even more fun for us, a concept that has yet to be fully developed and defined.  Once you let us know, we’ll work with you to get you from where you’re at to a set of instruments that are an integral part of your design.

If you’re still in the thinking stage, here are some of the key points that we will address with you as we work through the design process.

Styling:  How will these instruments fit in with and reflect upon the overall style of your build?
Theme:  Are there any details necessary to give your instruments a connection to the theme of your build?
Layout rationale:  Instrument position, size, shape, number of functions, single needle, dual concentric needles, layers, textures, etc.
Design details:  Colors, needle style, textures, layers, windows, graphics, lighting, indicator lights, etc.

And of course, no discussion of custom work is complete without addressing cost so here are two tongue-in-cheek guidelines:

  1. It’s more than you have handy but never more than you can borrow.
  2. It’s a flat charge of $1,000,000 but we’ll give you an incredibly big discount when we determine the actual cost.

In other words, we can’t estimate a cost until we have a reasonable idea of what you’re trying to accomplish.  Once you provide us with the start point and an idea of what your end point is going to be we’ll provide you with a budgetary cost estimate.  Before we begin any work we will provide you with firm costs, a payment schedule and a construction time table.

If you’d like more information or have questions about how we can create a set of instruments your way, just send an email to instruments@con2r.com.