Features Common To All Of Our Instruments

The following information describes the basics of how our instruments function.  We invite you to review it as doing so will help ensure your instrument installation is a straight forward as possible.


All of our instruments are controlled by our proprietary PCB which features our unique “QuickSet” calibration system.  Using it requires access to a computer with a USB port and a program capable of editing .CSV files such as Excel.

It is extremely accurate and easy to use but it cannot function properly unless it receives signals from the proper type of senders that have been properly installed.


We use true electronic stepper motors – not air pot or plastic pot designs – to drive our needles.  They are compact, extremely accurate, very durable and we can provide them with a dual concentric needle arrangement that allows two functions to share a common pivot point.


Our speedometers are compatible with all electronic speed senders that generate less than 32,000 pulses per mile.

They operate off a square wave Hz signal and require a minimum of 5 VDC to function properly.

If you have an electronic vehicle speed sender, you must be sure it generates no more than 32,000 pulses per mile.

If you do not have one, you will need to provide the make and model of your transmission.  If necessary, we can provide a GPS sending unit.


Our tachometers will work with Hz input signals from your ignition system or your PCM/ECU (Powertrain Control Module / Engine Control Unit).

If the signal is from your PCM/ECU, it must be greater than 5 volts.  If it is less than 5 volts, as is the case on some Chevrolet LS series of engines, it will require a pull up resistor to function properly.

Fuel level:

Calibrating your fuel gauge requires you know the ohm reading of the fuel level sender at empty and at full.

Oil pressure:

Our instruments work only with electronic oil pressure senders that provide output in ohms.  They are not compatible with voltage-based sending units.

If we provide this item, you will need to provide the specifications for the mounting threads.

Water temp:

Our instruments work only with electronic water temperature senders.

If we provide this item, you will need to provide the specifications for the mounting threads.


Our instruments operate on 12 VDC.


Unless specified otherwise, we use LED's to light our instruments.  They are arranged in a unique "halo" to provide even, glare free illumination.  Dimmers are available to control their brightness.