"Improve Your View" with our Bespoken Instrumentation System

●   Our Bespoken Instrumentation System offers the ability to create a nearly endless combination of gauge sizes and functions

●   You can select from any of the STANDARD CHOICES for your instrumentation at no additional charge.

●   As you are designing your gauge cluster, you can select any combination of OPTIONS & UPGRADES to create exactly the instrumentation you want.

●   For ideas and inspiration, go to our INSTRUMENTATION GALLERY below to see gauge clusters created by other customers using our Bespoken Instrumentation System.

If there is anything else you want included in your instrumentation design, send an email to sales@con2r.com describing what you envision and we'll do our best to help you create it.

  • # of Gauges
  • Gauge Configuration
  • Gauge Functions
  • Gauge Color
  • Lettering Color
  • Needle Color
  • Indicator Lights
  • Speedometer
  • Top Speed
  • Custom Gauge Color
  • Custom Lettering Color
  • Custom Needle Color
  • Warning/ Alarm Lights