Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many possible steering wheel combinations can I choose from?

With our Custom(er) Designed program, we offer nearly endless possible configurations which truly allow you to create "Your Wheel Your Way". Choose from spoke patterns, grip colors, horn buttons and more to create a wheel that is uniquely you!

+ What mounting pattern is my new CON2R steering wheel? Do I need an adapter?

Our Series One, Series Two, and Banjo wheels all use a standard three bolt mounting pattern for installation, which can be found here. An adapter may be required to install your new CON2R wheel onto your steering column.

Our Corvette wheels use a standard Corvette 6 bolt mounting pattern and does not require an adapter for installation on a factory Corvette steering column.

+ I would like to paint my own steering wheel grips. Do you have painting guidelines I can follow?

Painting instructions can be found here and follow the exact methods and procedures that we use here at CON2R.

Steering Wheel Installation Instructions

Instrumentation FAQs

+ I just installed my new CON2R gauges. Why is my tach needle movement erratic?

If the needle movement on your tachometer isn't smooth, you likely need to install a tach filter. Tach filter installation instructions can be found here.

+ How do I adjust my new clock?

Adjusting your new clock is as easy as pressing the clock button to move forward one minute at a time. Fast-forward by pressing and holding the clock button until you reach your desired time. Detailed instructions (including installation wiring guidelines) can be found here.

Instrumentation Installation Instructions