Dream Catcher – Corvette Magazine

The cover story of this month’s Corvette Magazine spotlights one Utah man’s 56 year journey to build the car of his dreams.

‘Paul Brunner’s love affair with the 1962 Corvette began the year the car was produced. Then 19 years old, Brunner wanted one so much he was willing to sell his treasured Civil War musket and pistol collection to raise the needed money. “I went to Walker Motor Sales in Massachusetts,” he remembers. “There, in the lot, were two almost identical black ’62 Corvettes. One was a 340-horsepower model and the other was the fuel-injected, 360-horsepower model. Sad to say, I had only enough money for the 340-horse [one].”’

Click below to see more photos and read about Paul Brunner’s breathtaking 1962 Corvette which features a custom leather wrapped CON2R steering wheel.

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