COVID-19 Response

We know it won’t slow the spread of the Covus19 virus but given its impact it's like, metaphorically speaking, seeing a vehicle coming the wrong way in our lane - but still at a bit of a distance.  The point is, we haven't been forced into the ditch yet but we're doing what's necessary to exit gracefully if we are required to do so.

We've never offered discounts or put our products on sale, and we know it's an itty-bitty, minuscule contribution to keeping the economy moving, but until further notice, all of our products are being offered with discounts.  Discounts do not apply to vendor sourced products and services such as senders and leather wraps on steering wheels.

If being prudent includes not spending an unnecessary penny right now, we'll take your order at the discounted price without any payment and hold it until you're ready to tell us to build it and ship it.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this offer.

We hope you and yours are able to stay clear of the virus.