CON2R Releases “TwinThree” Instrument Sets

If you want your gauges your way, you need to check out these all new, big and beautiful 6” diameter universal instruments coming out of the Old Skool Zone at CON2R in Beaverton, OR.

Even though they have a vintage look, the electronic stepper motors used to drive the needles are state-of-the-art and make them extremely reliable and accurate.  Calibration is handled by the proprietary CON2R QuickSet system that makes setting your speed and adjusting other functions hassle free.

Separating these instruments from all the competition is your choice of 15 standard colors, four standard typefaces, four needle styles, three tick mark options and speedometer face markings of 120, 140, or 160.  Adding to the “way cool” factor of all these choices is that you can design your individualized set on-line in real time with their Instrument Builder program.

The bezels are old skool die-castings that are hand polished and triple chrome plated.  A simple, two stud and clamp arrangement makes installation quick and easy.

When the sun goes down, CON2R’s unique LED “halo” lighting provides even, glare-free illumination across each gauge face.  Indicator lights and turn signals are all integrated into the design with 8 different functions or alarms that can be displayed.

A set of these gauges designed “Your Way” starts at $1190.00 plus shipping.  Additional information about these TwinThree Universal Instruments can be found at