1961-'66 Ford F100 "SuperStock" Instruments

CON2R Releases SuperStock Gauges For ’61-’66 Ford F100 Trucks!

This six-function gauge set provides a classic “It could have been factory” look for 1961-66 Ford F100’s.  With accurate and easy-to-read engine and speed information provided by the latest in electronic drive technology, this set uses true electronic stepper motors and CON2R’s proprietary “QuickSet” programmable PCB to move the needles.

In keeping with their era appropriate appearance, the speedometer and tachometer reside under domed glass in the original factory panel.  The outer pair of dual function gauges come with mounting kits to install them when the factory stamped bezels are removed.  Turns signal lights are outboard in the auxiliary gauge housings and three indicator lights are provided for high beams, parking brake and a customer specified function.

Speedometers are available with 120, 140 and 160 markings with a wide range of colors available to allow matching them to your truck.  The fast and easy QuickSet calibration system, exclusive to CON2R instrumentation, makes dipper switches and guesstimating correct values obsolete.

With profiles and textures that reflect the factory originals, these instruments look current and fresh without destroying the character of the originals.