Series One Wood Grip Steering Wheels

CON2R Adds Solid Wood Grips to Their Custom Wheel Offerings

These new, solid wood grips were just released from the Old Skool Zone at CON2R and there is no question they elevate their “Custom(er) Designed” steering wheels to yet another level.  Guaranteed to radically change the character of any vehicle’s interior, the grips are created from 18 segments of select, solid hardwoods.  Unique to this design is how the grips can be created from a single species or with various arrangements of mixed species.  Walnut and maple are the current standards, but any species can be provided upon request.  To complete the look, wood spoke covers and horn buttons—with laser engraving if you wish—are available.

These bespoke wheels are assembled with precision-cut wood components that are hand sanded, sealed with a grain-highlighting conditioner and then finished with a satin polyurethane for superior durability.  This creates an optimal balance between comfort and strength while allowing the wood to add a touch of warmth and richness to any interior.  These one-of-a-kind grips are absolutely exclusive to CON2R steering wheels and provide a look that cannot be equaled.

These beautiful wood grips are available on any CON2R steering wheel with an option price of $245.00.  Complete information about this new upgrade, as well as the full line of CON2R products, can be found here.