CON2R Adds Reverse Printed Horn Button Option!

In yet another addition to the ways you can create “Your Wheel Your Way,” CON2R now offers clear acrylic horn buttons printed on the reverse side with any design you want.  Multiple printing methods, including full transparency, varying levels of opacity and solid colors, can be used while printing directly on the back of the lens.  Once your artwork is applied, the lens is locked into place with a chrome bezel to create a clean and seamless appearance for the horn button.

Your design, whether line art or half-tones, simple or complex, can be reproduced in high detail and accurate colors with this process.  Any area that is not printed shows the chrome background of horn button behind it.  The greatest challenge for this new way to personalize your ride will be to determine what design you wish to use for your horn button.

The Reverse Printed Horn Button is a $145 option with CON2R steering wheels.