’61-’66 Ford F100 “SuperStock” Instruments From CON2R

The look is purposefully factory original with the integrated tachometer and a voltmeter being the only visible clues to this gauge set not being OEM.  As is true of all CON2R direct replacement “SuperStock” gauges this set provides state-of-the-art functionality while maintaining an authentic look.

Coupled with its “made-back-in-the-day” look, the electronic stepper motors used to drive the needles are state-of-the-art and make them extremely reliable and accurate.  Calibration is handled by the proprietary CON2R QuickSet system that makes setting your speed and adjusting other functions hassle free.

When the sun goes down, CON2R’s unique LED “halo” lighting provides even, glare-free illumination across the entire gauge face.  The high beam and turn signal lights retain their factory look but use LEDs to provide the light source.

Factory look black and white sets are ready to ship and custom color schemes can be created using the CON2R Instrument Builder program on their website.

This direct replacement, six-function gauge set is $1095.00 plus shipping.  Additional information about these instruments can be found at https://con2r.com/instruments/superstock/#ford-f100