1955-56 Chevy SuperStock Gauges

If you like the look of the factory instruments in your 1955-56 Chevrolet, you’re going to love these all new, direct replacement “SuperStock” gauge sets from the Old Skool Zone.

Rather than fight the original designs, we enhanced them and provided a full set of six instruments – including a 120 mph speedometer, a tach and four auxiliary gauges – that look era correct.

Although everything up front has the appearance of being original, we use the latest in electronic drive technology to provide you with accurate, reliable and understandable information.

Exclusive to our instruments is our “halo” LED lighting system that provides even, glare-free illumination across the entire face of the instrument panel.

Parking brake, high beam and turn signal lights complete the set.

Black and white color schemes are standard but special colors are available as is the maximum speed shown on the speedometer.

  • Unique LED "halo" lighting
  • Customizable needle and face colors
  • Customizable gauge functions and ranges
  • Customizable lights and indicators
  • NEW - CON2R Quick-Set Instrument Calibration System
  • True to original appearance
  • Six function monitoring
  • Direct bolt-in replacement

Bench Built

Every gauge set is individually tailor made per order. We invite you to take a look at some examples in our Instrument Gallery or call us at 503.626.6390 to learn how we can "Improve Your View".

Retail Price starts at $1095.00 + S&H.