Get It Together!

When you use our Custom Steering Wheel Builder and Custom Instrument Builder programs you won't be searching for a part number - you'll be creating a custom steering wheel or instrument set "Your Way."

Get Your Custom Steering Wheel Your Way!

These wheels offer the most design choices and options for your wheel - including offset spokes and trim rings.

Our flat wheels become a perfect match to your look when they are designed using our choices and options.

These wheels start with a classic split spoke design available in three offsets with either a brushed or polished stainless-steel frame.

Combine a very traditional spoke design with our choices and options to create your own look.

They fit a stock column but our choices and options let you create a wheel that matches your style.

Utilize the factory hub and horn button with this direct replacement C2 Corvette style steering wheel.

Please note this is a very large program that depending on your computer hardware, software, and your internet connection may take 20 seconds or more to load.
If it does not load within a minute please contact us for assistance.

Get Your Custom Instruments Your Way

These gauges look distinctively vintage but everything else about them – including our stepper motors and Quick-Set calibration – is state-of-the-art.  Design your set using our proprietary Instrument Builder to create "Your Gauges Your Way" in real time.

These direct replacement sets have a N.O.S. look but operationally, they feature true stepper motors with our proprietary QuickSet PCB controlling them.  Available in factory colors “Ready To Ship” or fully customized using our Instrument Builder program.

Assembled and ready to ship, these wheels are available only as one-time offerings.

*RTS means Ready To Ship - meaning these sets are assembled, tested and "RTS" with standard colors and markings.

Unlimited imagination - but with limited availability.

The components you need to install our steering wheels and instruments.

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